Welcome to Nordischsound

Do you remember the music from games like Final Fantasy, Super Mario, Zelda, Deus-Ex, Gothic or Monkey Island? If so, you will probably know how important a good soundtrack is. Good music is an essential part of an successful game but it can also be very helpful for many other kinds of multimedia content.

I am a certified digital music producer and can compose catchy and unique songs which everybody can remember for a long time. Many of todays music seems to be uninspired and bored. I can help you to bring back the old spirit of music to your project.

I am able to create many different kinds of music. It's my passion to be creative and to create anything that can be called music in any conceivable way. Here is a selection of genres I have allready composed:

  • ambient music / soundscapes
  • caribbean music
  • casual / funny music
  • orchestral / epic tunes
  • dark and scary tunes
  • worldmusic / ethnic music
  • rock music
  • synthesized music / future music

In short: I am generally open for any kind of music. To listen to some examples of my work please have also a look into my Portfolio section.

If you have any project for which you need a good soundtrack, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be the right decision for your job, that's for sure.